The three videos were produced as part of the musical project « Synthétiseur » , initiated in 2016 by dj Underwood in Nancy.
The project ends with the release of the EP Vehere (Combustible and Autobahn) in June 2019.
Since then Underwood continues to produce within the duo Blame The Mono.

1. Device artificially reproducing musical elements on the basis of their essence.
2. Which relates to natural or spontaneous synthesis of a substance.

  Synthétiseur is a reconstitution project. A travel through time, embodied by a musical synthesis of objects and concepts designed during the twentieth century. Synthétiseur aspires to be a modern and musical dictionary of these former technological revolutions. This project illustrates simultaneously the direct link between material evolution and immediate action, and the modulations of speed, ambitions and sensations. Just like the inventions it embodies, it shall be synthetic and sensorial.